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Avon is a company that was started in 1886 by David McConnell as a door-to-door book company. However, when he started giving perfume samples to customers as a thank you for buying his books, he realized that his customers, mainly housewives, were more interested in perfumes than in books. So, he shifted his business focus to perfumes and started selling them.

Though initially, he had only five types of perfumes, it became so popular that he hired many saleswomen and increased sales.

From 1920 to 1930, Avon began selling vanity products and toothbrushes under the name Avon Products.

In 1939, the company name was changed to Avon.

The company started selling jewelry in 1971, and their brooches that could be filled with paste perfume were very well received.

That same year, they began selling "precious Pretender" jewelry by an unknown designer, which allowed Avon to be recognized as a costume jewelry company as well.

My first piece of jewelry in 1971 was an owl brooch that could hold perfume.

1971 “precious Pretender” by an unknown designer

Collectors have shown a great interest in the pieces from the mid-1970s to the 1980s.

Avon's jewelry is typically labeled with a name, such as Sarah Coventry, which makes it easier to find. Additionally, Avon occasionally requested design contributions from other jewelry companies, including Juliana and Trifari.

Trifari was responsible for creating Avon's 100th-anniversary jewelry.

A brooch designed by Trifari for the 100th anniversary.

1973 Tassel lariat designed by Juliana

Avon offers a range of highly sought-after jewelry items created by renowned designers such as Kenneth Jay Lane, Jose Maria Barrera, and the iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor's collection is inspired by the movies in which she appeared and her personal jewelry collection, making many of them elegant and glamorous.

Necklaces by Jose Maria Barrera are very rare

“Blossoms of Spring” by Louis Feraud 1984

1989 Piece Midnight Rose by Kenneth Jane Lane

There is no Avon stamp, only KJL.


One of the popular collectibles among collectors these days is the peacock brooch. Initially, this brooch was not available for sale as it was exclusively made as a gift for Avon's hostesses who sell products. The brooch is highly appreciated for its beautiful rhinestones, quality, and unique design.


Some unsigned pieces can also be seen in the later period.

The value of Avon jewelry is often based on its design and uniqueness, unless it was made by a specific designer. The more exquisite the design is, the more expensive the jewelry is likely to be.

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