Regency リージェンシー



Regency is a popular jewelry brand among collectors, but most of its details are still a mystery.

It was founded by the Regina Novelty Company in New York, but the exact address of its headquarters remains unknown.
It is believed to be on 36th or 37th Street in New York.

The Polowits family managed the company, which was established in the 1950s and closed down in the late 1970s.
The jewelry's style indicates this to be an accurate time frame.

Morty Polowitz, the family's son, supposedly relocated to California and continued working in jewelry sales. However, even AT&T, the largest telephone company in America, could not locate him, and there is no further information about Regency.
Regency jewelry was sold directly at department stores in major cities such as New York and Chicago.



Regency jewelry is known for its exceptional quality and intricate designs.

The rhinestones used in this type of jewelry are also of high quality and are often referred to as "Japaned" metal.
thise metal works  enhance the color of rhinestones and give them a beautiful finish.



Deeper ruby ​​color with japanned frame

Regency pieces with rhinestones and pearls vary in price based on the rarity and beauty of the stones, even if the design is identical.


Signature piece

Regency specializes in creating jewelry pieces that feature butterfly motifs in various patterns.

While other companies also offer butterfly motif jewelry, Regency's pieces are exceptional and stand out from the crowd.

Available in a variety of beautiful rhinestone colors, Regency's butterfly motif jewelry is very popular among customers.

There are many different color variations.


Mark & Singe

Most pieces are signed with "REGENCY" in capital letters.

Quite many jewelry sets have signed on  brooches but not earrings as they were sold together.


Only brooch signed.

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