Vendome ヴァンドーム


Although it is originally one of Coro's many brands, I would like to treat it as a separate brand rather than introducing it together.

This line was created in 1944 as a luxury brand for Coro, which at the time was the largest jewelry manufacturer in America.
The name Vendome comes from the Place Vendome in Paris, known for its high-end jewelry stores.
After World War II, the brand targeted wealthy Americans who admired Parisian fashion. Vendome jewelry is inspired by the chic designs of Paris, and it uses the finest faux pearls, rhinestones, and crystal glasses imported from Austria and the Czech Republic.
The parts are carefully plated and hand-soldered by craftsmen.
In addition, many of the designs are elaborate, and there are many cruster style made of woven crystal beads.


The initial lineup included charm bracelets and glass pearl jewelry with the Vendome stamp.

Vendome's glass pearls have a very beautiful luster and a very distinctive shape with a slightly raised area around the hole.


In 1953, Corocraft and Francoise were merged into Vendome, making it semi-independent from Coro, with all operations taking place within Vendome.



A significant transformation is underway in Vendome. Until the 1960s, classical floral and geometric patterns dominated the jewelry designs.

But , Helen Marion has been appointed as the new chief designer.

Her unique and innovative jewelry styles, influenced by abstract art and Picasso, have been received positively due to her ethnic taste and dynamic designs.

As a result, Vendome jewelry from the 1960s has become highly collectible and is traded at high prices.


Richter International Coop acquired Coro and Vendome in 1957.

The company attracted many women with its designs until it closed in 1979.



Mark & Sign

Usually signed with "Vendome".

The paper tag has the letter "V" and a lily emblem.

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