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VJ-3513 Marvella 12-strand pearl necklace Marvella

VJ-3513 Marvella 12-strand pearl necklace Marvella

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Marvella, 12 string pearl necklace. The small 3mm pearls are made of plastic and are very light, so you can wear them without getting tired even though they are voluminous. The pearls on the clasp look like flowers and are very cute, and you can enjoy arranging them by twisting them.

■Size: 52cm

■Material: Gold/Metal Plastic Pearl

■Brand engraving, Marvella

■Condition: ★★★★★


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About Rm Antiques' Vintage Jewelry

Our vintage jewelry is cleaned as much as possible after it arrives and stored so that it is ready for immediate use.

However, due to aging, even after thorough inspection, it is rare that rhinestones or pearls may fall off during shipping. This can be easily fixed with craft glue.

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