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VJ-8061 Regency sapherine Earrings

VJ-8061 Regency sapherine Earrings

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Rare earrings from Regency.
Saphiret is a glass made in the Czech Republic during the Victorian era and is mixed with real gold, making it more valuable as the price of gold increases.
The Saphiret of this Regency brooch is technically called Sapharine, and is a glass manufactured using the same method in Germany in the 1900s. Basically, the manufacturing method for both is probably the same, and they are collectively called Saphiret.
This is a very luxurious piece that uses fairly large stones.
Originally sold as a set with a brooch, there is no engraving on the earrings, but we can tell that they are Regency based on the shape of the metal fittings, smoked metal, and quality of the rhinestones.

■Size: 2.8cm
■Brand engraving, (Unsigned) REGENCY
■Condition: ★★★★★


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